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The NWPB is a multi-sectoral platform, drawing its membership from the Donegal County Development Board (CDB) and the Derry Strategy Board, Strabane District Council and Limavady Borough Council.  It is the aim of this partnership to promote a coordinated approach and collaboration with regard to the economic, social and cultural development, on a cross-border basis, of the North West of Ireland. It aims to promote co-operation and collaboration in the context of the Letterkenny/Derry Gateway as recognised in the NSS and RDS and also in the context of the North West Gateway Initiative as promoted by the two governments North and South.


The NWPB secretariat is provided by the Donegal County Council. The North West Partnership Board is currently undertaking the preparation of a NW Action Plan supported by the International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD) and with involvement from DRD (NI) and DoELG (ROI).


Four working groups have been established for each of the following themes which were identified as key areas to focus on in shaping an action plan:


(1)  Culture and Creative Industries (Culture and Social and Digital Media)

(2)  Renewables and Green Economy

(3)  Health Innovation (which has two strands:  Strategic Innovation - Centres of Excellence, as drivers of economic development; and Well-being and Quality of Life with a focus on social inclusion and well-being)

(4)  Tourism


In addition, cross-cutting themes were identified that are crucial to the development of the core themes.  These include: economic development, connectivity (incl. transport and broadband), education and skills, the environment, and rural development. The working papers that will emerge from each of the four working group will aid in the identification of opportunities for further joined-up cooperation within each of the themes, and the key strategies/actions that will form the basis of the NWPB Action Plan.


For further information, contact Ms Roisin McBride by email   






The Donegal Gateway Economic Forum was established in 2013 as a non-statutory co-ordinating forum and platform, bringing together the relevant stakeholders who can act together to ensure that optimum benefit is derived for the county and region through development of all aspects of the Gateway economy.  The Forum secretariat is provided by Donegal County Council.   During 2014, the Forum will continue to work on the advancement of goals and objectives in relation to the economic development of the Letterkenny Gateway. This work will also be advanced on a cross-border basis through the North West Partnership Board in the context of the North West Gateway Initiative (NWGI).


For further information, contact Ms Roisin McBride by email




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