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Funding For Your Group

This section provides information on possible sources for funding for your community based group:


Development Fund Initiative

Funding for community projects supporting local economic, social, cultural, heritage or related activity.


Members Development Fund

A small, but flexible source of funding to assist groups in the development of locally based community projects and group activities.


Community Enhancement Programme

Grants for Community Groups for capital projects


Funding for Heritage Projects

Details of possible sources of funding for heritage initiatives.


LEADER/Rural Development Programme

Funding to support sustainable development of rural communities


Regional Festivals & Participative Events in 2019

Funding to provide support to local and community event organisers and activities / projects that will drive domestic tourism and help to improve the visitor experience by animating destinations in Donegal. 


CAPITEN funding for Maritime Festival and Events

Funding and marketing support for maritime festivals and events to be held in Donegal in 2019.


CLÁR Funding 2019

The Department of Rural and Community Development has recently announced a new round of funding under the 2019 CLAR Scheme which provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects for the benefit of communities in CLAR areas.



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