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Community Enhancement Programme


Community Enhancement Programme 2019


Community groups in disadvantaged areas can apply for funding under the Communities Enhancement Programme:


The Department of Rural and Community Affairs have launched the Community Enhancement Programme for 2019 , with a national allocation of €4.5 million. 


Donegal Local Community Development Committee have been granted a fund of €159,461.00.


The Programme provides small-scale grants and large scale grants for community groups all across Ireland. It operates alongside other schemes and programmes already in place in communities, but groups can only use this funding for capital projects, or part of a capital project. The scheme is aimed at enhancing community facilities for individuals and communities that are impacted by disadvantage as identified in the LECP.


Examples of projects, or parts of projects, which are eligible for this capital funding include:

  • Development/renovation of community centres
  • Once off maintenance of premises. This does not include regular routine maintenance
  • Community amenities
  • Youth clubs or facilities
  • Sports/recreation facilities
  • Improvements to town parks and common areas and spaces
  • CCTV equipment
  • Public realm improvements
  • Streetscaping
  • Play/recreation spaces
  • Energy efficiency type projects


The Donegal Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) will administer the Programme on behalf of the Department.




Community Enhancement Programme funding is only for capital projects, or capital parts of projects. In cases where both current and capital works are carried out together, only the capital part can get funding from this Scheme


Groups must apply for funding to the Local Authority in which they are based, and applicants in Donegal can use the application form provided at the link below


Match-funding from other sources is not required in order to be approved for a grant

See Community Enhancement Programme 2019 Guidelines  for further details.


Applicant groups must provide the following when submitting their application for funding:


  • Tax Registration (Charitable Status No, Tax Reference No or Tax Clearance Access No)
  • Bank or Credit Union Account Details (copy of recent Statement)



The Programme will offer two levels of grant aid:-

  • Small Grants from €500 up to a maximum of €1,000 per project
  • Larger Grants from €7,000 up to a maximum of €21,892 per project


How to apply


Your group must submit a completed Community Enhancement Programme 2019 Application Form‌ to Donegal Local Community Development Committee (LCDC).


Forms / Related Documents


Community Enhancement Programme 2019 Application Form

Community Enhancement Programme 2019 Guidelines

LECP Goals and Strategic Themes

Community Enhancement Programme Application Form Irish Version will be available shortly

Community Enhancement Programme Application Guidelines Irish version will be available shortly




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