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Consultation, Drawings and Maps


In May and June 2018, public consultation events were organised at locations convenient to the proposed route corridors and study areas for Muff to Derry and Derry to Buncrana respectively. All events were widely published across Derry and Donegal and almost 600 people attended. Separately, information events were held in October for route 3, Lifford to Strabane. As a result of these events and the consultation reports that have been produced, the emerging routes for each route have now been finalised. 


Routes 2 and 3 are currently within the planning process (the Donegal section of route 3 - Lifford - has already been approved, while the Muff section of route 2 comes before Council on 22 July 2019). The corridor for route 1, Derry-Buncrana, has now been finalised and can be viewed on the relevant page below.


Emerging preferred routes


Route 1: emerging preferred route: Route 1 

Route 2: emerging preferred route: Route 2

Route 3: emerging preferred route: Route 3




Cyclists from Foyle Cycling Club who attended the Muff consultation event in May.



 Last updated: 22 July 2019


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