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Route 1 - Derry to Buncrana

Consultation event, Inch Levels to Fahan - 2019


While an emerging preferred route will be published in the coming weeks, an additional consultation event was held in Fowler Hall, Tooban, on Thursday 7 February 2019. This event focused solely on the section linking Inch Island to Fahan (known as section 3 on the route options map below in the section called Drawings and Maps 2018). For people who were unable to attend, the consultation form and maps are listed below:


Consultation Feedback Form_section 3, Route 1‌‌


Closing date for posting or emailing the form to the project team is Friday 1 March 2019. Please note that the feedback form should be viewed in conjunction with the maps below.


Maps- section 3, Inch Levels to Fahan


Map 3a (showing options linking Inch Levels to Fahan)

Map 3b (showing options through Fahan village) 


Some of the crowd in Fowler Hall on Thursday 7 February for the consultation event 


If you have any queries, please contact the Communications Manager on  


Project history

In June 2018, as part of the route selection process, two consultation events were held jointly by Derry City & Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council. On Tuesday 26 June, the first event was held in the Lough Swilly Yacht Club, while the following day - Wednesday 27 June - the general public and landowners within the corridor of interest were also able to view plans in Templemore Sports Complex, Derry.


While the information received from our consultation event on 7 February will be analysed, it is the project's intention to publish the full route selection report at the end of March 2019. 


Reports - 2018


Route 1_Constraints Study and Route Options Report


The function of this report is to give an overview of the background to the project, placing it in the context of European, national and local policy guidelines which frame the scheme and the development of greenway infrastructure. The report identifies a study area and describes the constraints, opportunities and areas of interest within the study area that form the selection of a number of 'route corridor options'. Several assessment criteria are defined, with an explanation of how each route corridor is assessed against the relevant criteria.


Drawings and Maps - 2018


Study area, route 1 - Buncrana to Derry

Route corridor options, route 1 - Buncrana to Derry


Within the Route corridor option map above, specific areas have more than one option. The plans below link to specific areas and show them in greater detail:


Section 1 - Bridgend, route 1 Buncrana to Derry

Section 2 - Inch Lake, route 1 Buncrana to Derry

Section 3 - Fahan to Burnfoot, route 1 Buncrana to Derry‌‌

Section 4 - Fahan Marina, route 1 Buncrana to Derry‌‌


Lough Swilly Yacht Club, Fahan. Some of the crowd that attended one of the consultation events for route 1, Derry to Buncrana

Lough Swilly Yacht Club, Fahan. Some of the crowd that attended one of the consultation events for route 1, Derry to Buncrana, which was held in June of this year.



Last updated: Wednesday 8 February 2019



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