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Building Positive Relations

Due to the history of division in Northern Ireland and the Border Region, some sections of society have not yet developed the capacity to deal positively with diversity and difference. There still exists high levels of secterianism and racism, increasing levels of ethnic diversity, alongside relatively high levels of socio-economic deprivation in some areas presents new challenges for achieving greater integration and citizenship.


This programme will promote positive relations characterised by respect, where cultural diversity is celebrated and people can live, learn and socialise together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance. It will target those who are marginalised in society, in particular those communities from a low socio-economic background and the new ethnic minority communities, to participate in peace building and conflict transformation activities for the long term benefit of County Donegal and surrounding areas. This programme will also target those identifiable groups and networks dealing with specific legacy issues such as young and older people, ex-combatants and former members of the border security.


Under the objective of Building Positive Relations, there will be an increase in the number of people who know about the culture of minority ethnic groups and those who think relationships between Catholics and Protestants have improved and will be better in the future.




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