10/01/2013 - New Regulations for Installations Using Organic Solvents

10 January 2013

Press Release

New Regulations for Installations Using Organic Solvents

From 1st January 2013, new regulations came into effect governing installations and activities using organic solvents that are certified by Donegal Co. Council, such as vehicle refinishers, (bodyshops) and Dry Cleaners.

The main revisions and improvements affecting operators are;

    • The EPA will appoint a national panel of approved assessors before 30th September 2013 following an evaluation process. Certification Europe will remain as the sole assessor in the meantime
    • Donegal Co. Council can now issue certificates of compliance for up to 3 years, (rather than the previous 1 year period for dry cleaners or 2 year period for vehicle refinishers).
    • The initial application fee payable by operators to their local authority has increased slightly from €50 to €70, while the renewal application fee is still €50. Where an operator does not renew their certificate of compliance prior to the expiry date they must apply for a new certificate (€70 fee).
    • The fine for uncertified operators has been increased from €3,000 to €5,000

    These changes will allow for the substantial lowering of costs to operators, due to increased competition among inspection bodies, and is expected to incentivise compliance. Operators are obliged to continue to hold up-to-date certification during the interim period before more inspectors are appointed.

    Donegal Co. Council will continue to take appropriate enforcement action against uncertified operators, including operators who allow their certification to lapse and certificates of a shorter duration will be issued to these operators.The maximum three year period will be recommended only for those operators who have remained fully compliant with the regulatory requirements.

    The regulations are available on the Department of Environment’s website at the link below:-


    Further information is also available on Donegal Co. Council’s website,