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16th-17th Century Ireland

16th -17th Century Ireland

The County Archives has acquired copies and microfilms of papers relating to the period leading up to and including the Flight of the Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnell from Ireland. Included are:

  • Carew Papers: Microfilms of the papers of Sir George Carew (1555-1629) who worked in Ireland in the service of Queen Elizabeth 1 and became President of Munster in 1599. These papers are the property of Lambeth Palace Library.


Carew Manuscript Flight of the Earls

Carew Manuscript, (1555-1629)

  • Bacon papers: Microfilms of the papers of Anthony Bacon (1558-1601) who in 1583 entered the service of the Earl of Essex and became his private secretary for foreign affairs. Papers detail the Earl of Essex’s life, including in Ireland during this crucial period in Irish history. These papers are the property of Lambeth Palace Library.
  • The State Papers relating to Ireland held in the National Archives in London date from 1558 to 1782. The microfilms consist mostly of letters to and from the Secretaries of State, including many from the Lords Lieutenant, and a number of royal letters. The collection also contains a selection of letters from leading Irish Lords and dignitaries to the Lord Deputy and Council and the English Sovereign. The microfilmed collection in the CountyArchives date from January 1592 to December 1607 (SP63/163 - SP63/222), covering a turbulent time in Irish      history leading up to the Flight of the Earls in September 1607.
  • Calendars of State Papers: Calendars (transcriptions and summaries) of the above State papers are available in the archives for the following years:
    • 1586-1588      
    • 1588-1592      
    • 1598-1599      
    • Mar-Oct 1600
    • 1600-1601      
    • 1606-1608      

All the above privately acquired records, once fully listed, are accessible to the public.