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Museum Collection

Museum Collection 



The strength of any Museum resides in its collections. The role of Donegal County Museum is to collect, record, preserve, communicate and display for the use and enjoyment of the widest community possible, the material evidence and associated information of the history of Donegal. The Museum seeks to collect items that are associated with or help to illustrate the general history of this geographical area. Items made in, at some point used within, or otherwise provenanced to County Donegal, may be acquired. Our ever-growing collection helps to tell the story of County Donegal from the end of the last Ice Age to the present day.



How to donate an object to Donegal County Museum

We continue to develop and expand our collections and are always interested to hear about any objects, which you may be willing to donate.

Every object can tell a story. All objects accepted into the collections are acquired in accordance with our Collections Policy. Not all objects accepted into the collections will be placed on display immediately. Donated objects become part of the Donegal County Museum collection  and may be used in future exhibitions.




 The Museum borrows objects for temporary exhibitions, research and educational purposes. Loans are temporary transfers of objects in which there is no transfer of ownership. All loans, both into and out of the Museum collection, are subject to Donegal County Museum’s Loans Policy. The same care and precautions will be taken for the safe custody of objects received on loan as for the safe custody of the permanent collection.



Designated Museum

As a ‘Designated Museum’ under the National Cultural Institutions Act, 1997 and the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1994, Donegal County Museum is legally entitled to retain objects on behalf of the State. The National Museum of Ireland will only lend objects for display to designated museums.

Curators of Designated Museums are empowered to act on behalf of the Director of the National Museum to ensure that objects are investigated, reported and preserved as State property. All archaeological objects found with no known owner are the property of the State. If you find an archaeological object you must report the find to the National Museum of Ireland or a Designated museum (like Donegal County Museum).




Donegal County Museum has achieved Full Accreditation in the Museum Standards Programme of Ireland. This Award recognises the achievement of high standards in seven categories (34 standards) such as Collections Care, Exhibitions, Education Programme and Visitor Services.




Preserving the museum’s collection for the benefit of future generations is one of Donegal County Museum's main objectives.  The Museum has a range of support facilities to ensure the proper care of the collections.


The preservation of the Museum collection includes:


Active conservation involves intervention activities such as cleaning, stabilising, and restoring objects or specimens.


Preventative conservation includes controlling the Museum environment (e.g. light, humidity), preventing pests from entering the Museum, and ensuring that objects are correctly packed and handled.


The Museum will ensure to the best of its ability that all of the collections in its care are adequately housed, conserved and documented




Researchers are welcome; please make an appointment at least two weeks in advance.