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County Donegal Heritage Plan (2007-2013)

The aim of the County Donegal Heritage Plan (2007 - 2013) was “to gather knowledge, raise awareness, encourage appreciation of the natural, built and cultural heritage of our county and to promote best practice in the management of our heritage for the enjoyment of present and future generations.” In order to achieve this aim, 79 actions have been identified under the following five broad objectives to:

  • Raise awareness and promote appreciation of County Donegal’s built, cultural and natural heritage;
  • Collect, publish and disseminate data and information about County Donegal’s heritage; 
  • Promote best practice in the management and care of our built, cultural and natural heritage;
  • Develop interest and knowledge in County Donegal’s heritage through access, education and training; and 
  • Inform public policy and advocate the strategic and integrated management of heritage.


County Donegal Heritage Plan (Text Version) 


Nature's Calendar (Action 1.7.)


Heritage Towns of County Donegal (1.13. & 4.11.)


Audit of Historical Photographic Collections for County Donegal (Action 2.4.)


'Donegal's Farming Heritage' Booklet (Action 2.9.)


'Heritage of Fishing in County Donegal' Exhibition (Actions 2.9. & 4.12.)


Pilot Placenames Project (Action 2.10.)


Donegal Heritage 'Life & Lore' Collection (Action 2.15.)


Pilot Ecological Study of Two Inhabited Donegal Islands (Action 2.26.)


Field Monument Advisor for County Donegal (Action 3.2.)


Programme of Traditional Building Skills' Seminars & Workshops (Action 3.4.)  


Biodiversity Species List for County Donegal (Actions 3.8. & 4.12.)


'Heritage in Tidy Towns' Seminar (Action 3.10.)


Traditional Building Skills Field School on Gola Island (Action 4.2.)


National Launch of 'Traditional Buildings on Irish Farms' Booklet (Action 4.12.)


Landscape Conservation for Bats in County Donegal (Action 4.12.)


'Invisible Assets: Biodiversity, Health & the Environment' Seminar (Action 4.12.)

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