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Draft County Donegal Heritage Plan (2014-2019)

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The draft County Donegal Heritage Plan sets out a series of actions to interpret, conserve, manage and promote our heritage over the next five years.  Following a review of the County Donegal Heritage Plan (2007-2013) and a public consultation process, Donegal County Council and the County Donegal Heritage Forum have prepared a draft of the County Donegal Heritage Plan (2014-2019).  The draft Heritage Plan was approved by Donegal County Council at its meeting in September 2014.  The County Donegal Heritage Plan deals with issues at a countywide level and includes broad objectives and the identification of specific actions to achieve those objectives.  Please note that the Heritage Plan is not a land use plan and does not include site-specific projects.  


Click on Draft County Donegal Heritage Plan (2014-2019) to download the draft Heritage Plan.


The draft plan has now been placed on public review.  An extensive consultation process has already take place and submissions made at that stage by over 90 organisations and individuals and at the five public meetings have been considered in the preparation of the draft Heritage Plan.  The County Donegal Heritage Forum now wishes to refine and finalise the actions in the draft Heritage Plan.  If you are interested in making any further comments in the public review phase, the County Donegal Heritage Forum would like to know:

  • What Heritage Plan actions do you consider to be the most important and why?
  • What resources might you and/or your organisation be willing to contribute to the implementation of specific Heritage Plan actions?
  • Are there any Heritage Plan actions that could be merged?


Please send your suggestions by Sunday, May 10, 2015 by e-mail to:  or by post to:


County Donegal Heritage Plan – Public Review,

c/o County Donegal Heritage Office,

Donegal County Council,

Station Island,


County Donegal.


The County Donegal Heritage Plan is being produced in partnership with The Heritage Council.


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