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Stage 2 - How do I apply?

To make an application for Grant Approval, you must have obtained Confirmation of Eligibility under the scheme and the works must not have commenced.


 Before you begin, please make sure you have the following information:

  • Measurements for linear length walls affected (in metres) and floor area (in metres squared)
  • Your engineer's details - name, tax reference and tax clearance access number
  • The costs (including VAT) associated with your engineer's services as per your engineer's quotation to include:
    • fees for the preparation of a remedial works plan
    • professional fees for oversight/inspection and certification
    • professional fees for appointment to a statutory health and safety role
  • Details of your contractor
  • The total cost (including VAT) of qualifying works as per your contractor's quotation
  • Estimated number of weeks the work is likely to take


You will also need to have the following ready for upload (in .pdf format): 

From your engineer:


a) The Remedial Works Plan for the relevant dwelling (Guidance on Remedial Works Plan)

b) An Inspection Plan

c) An itemised statement (quotation) as outlined above 

d) The Engineer's Stage 2 Declaration (using the Stage 2 Grant Approval - Part B Engineers Declaration)


From your contractor:

e) A Programme of Works 

f) An itemised statement (quotation) (using the Contractor Quotation Template)

g) The Contractor's Stage 2 Declaration (using the Stage 2 Grant Approval - Part C Contractors Declaration)


If you have all the above ready, you can log in and start your application for Stage 2 - Grant Approval. Please make sure to check that you are uploading documents in the right order and that any amounts you enter are correct and that your contact details are up to date. 

When you have successfully submitted your application, the Council will check and assess it and may invite you to provide further information before making a decision.If approved, the Council will issue you with Confirmation of Grant Approval and will advise you how much of a grant you are eligible for.


You can start your application and add information, saving it as you go along. Any documents you are asked for are needed to assess the application. You do not have to provide them in one go but can add them as you receive them from the engineer or contractor. Ask them to provide these to you electronically, in PDF format. You can log out and log back in to add them. You cannot submit the application for assessment until you have filled in all the details and uploaded all the documents.
Please take care to check you have uploaded the documents asked for and that any amounts you enter are correct.



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