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Energy Management



Donegal County Council has an ISO 50001 accredited energy management system (EnMS) in place to effectively manage energy used by the Council. 


What is energy management?

Energy management is a systematic approach to manage energy and continuously improve energy performance. It concentrates on reducing usage in the first place through improving behaviour and implementing simple controls followed by projects to reduce usage. 


Find out more in our Introduction to Energy Management in Donegal County Council and check out Donegal County Council's Energy Policy .


Driver Awareness Campaign 

Our Driver Awareness campaign is about promoting greater awareness among our drivers of how they can improve energy performance in their fleet.  Check out our campaign here.


Energy News ...



Additional Photo Voltaic solar panels added to the County House, Lifford

Donegal County Council has recently installed 32no. photo-voltaic solar panels to the 3rd floor roof area of the County House, it’s main headquarters in Lifford. 




Major Renewable Energy Upgrades to Milford Public Services Centre and Community Library

Donegal County Council has undertaken a major energy upgrade to Milford Public Services Centre and Community Library. The Council has installed;

3 No.  42.6 kW air-source heat pumps to replace oil boilers..............





Energy Upgrades to former Army Barracks, Lifford

Donegal County Council recently completed refurbishment works to the former Army Barracks, Lifford. In line with DCC’s Energy Policy which commits to continuous improvement in energy performance, two air source heat pumps have been installed to replace the existing gas boilers.





Electric Vehicle Charge Points 

Donegal County Council recently made live their Electric Vehicle charge points in the car park of the County House, Lifford.




Secure achieves innovative energy solutions

Partners of the EU funded SECURE project have improved energy efficiency and increased the use of renewable solutions in public housing, buildings and infrastructure ... 


Communities celebrate better energy efficiency

Six community based groups along with a number of public sector buildings availed of just over €330,000 worth of Energy Efficiency Upgrades ...


Council launches Driver Awareness Campaign 

We have launched a new campaign promoting greater awareness among their drivers of how they can improve energy performance in their fleet ...


Improved energy performance paying off in Donegal County Council 

In 2017 we achieved savings in the region of €14,000 in electricity usage in the Council’s 5 public service centres and in the County House in Lifford representing almost a 10% reduction in the amount of electricity used in these buildings ...

Today is Switch Off Tuesday at Donegal County Council  

Staff are being asked to make an extra special effort to switch off all their devices when they leave the office on Switch Off Tuesday ...


Siobhan scoops top prize for Best Staff Energy Awareness idea 

Siobhan McCafferty has scooped first prize in Donegal County Council's staff energy saving idea competition ...


Taking stock midway through SECURE project 

As it reaches its midway point, the EU funded SECURE project has taken stock of achievements to date with a view to agreeing the way forward to achieving its overall objective ...


Council achieve ISO50001 Energy Management Accreditation 

Donegal County Council has achieved ISO 50001accreditation for it’s Energy Management System ...


Council Staff take part in Bike Watt Challenge 

Donegal County Council will launch its Staff Energy Awareness Campaign in the County House in Lifford where staff will be asked to use their pedal power in the 'Bike Watt Challenge' ...


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