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Businesses and their packaging waste


The Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007 place obligations on all businesses (referred to as Producers) that place packaging, packaging material or packaged products on the Irish market.


• All producers must separate packaging waste that arises on their premises and ensure that it is recycled or recovered by authorised operators.


• All producers must not supply packaging unless the packaging complies with the requirements of the “Essential Requirements”. The “Essential Requirements” have been designed specifically to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and to avoid over-packaging. Packaging weight and volume should be minimised to the amount needed for safety, hygiene and acceptance of the packed product. Packaging must be recoverable and be suitable for recycling, energy recovery, composting, or reuse if designed for reuse. Levels of specified noxious materials must not exceed 100 parts per million and should have minimum impact on the environment at end of life after recycling or energy recovery.


 • Producers with a turnover of >€1m and that place >10 tonnes of packaging on the Irish market are classed as Major Producers and are further obligated to either join Repak or register with their Local Authority (Self Comply).




If you are a Major Producer, contact Donegal County Council and advise them of your status.

Major Producers have the option to either:

(1)   Register with Repak, the approved Packaging Compliance Scheme in Ireland. Membership of Repak will allow you to meet your obligations under the Regulations. Registration is required annually. The contact details for Repak are as follows:

Repak Limited

Red Cow Interchange Estate

1 Ballymount Road

Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Tel: 01 - 467 0190




(2)   Self Compliance

If you choose to Self Comply you must

·         Register with Donegal County Council in respect of each premises and pay appropriate annual fee. Annual fees are calculated at €15 per tonne of packaging supplied subject to a minimum of €500 and a maximum of €15000.

·         Collect and recover packaging waste at your premises similar to the packaging that is placed on the Irish market in accordance with the targets set down in the Regulations.

·         Display a notice prominently stating the availability of this “Take Back” service on your premises.

·         Advertise “Take Back” facilities twice a year in a paper circulating in the Local Authority functional area.

·         Submit quarterly and annual packaging reports, along with an annually revised 3-year plan stating how you will comply with the Regulations. 

·         Arrange for the collection of packaging within one week of a request to do so from anyone to whom the Major Producer supplies.

·         A Major Producer who is an importer of packaged products or is a packer/filler has additional obligations under Article 11 of the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007.


This document provides an outline of the Regulations -it does not purport to provide a legal interpretation of the meaning or effects of the Regulations. Please revert to for further details.

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