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Kerbside Recycling from your local waste collector


Householders in Donegal are now recycling 40% of their waste!


The introduction of Kerbside Recycling by the private waste collectors has had a significant effect of the levels of households now participating in recycling. The recycling rate for County Donegal has steadily increased since the recycling bins and bags were first introduced and is now at 40%.

You can recycle the following items in you kerbside recycling bin,  paper, magazines, cardboard, plastic containers, aluminium and steel cans. This system allows these materials to be collected directly from the householder in a second wheeled bin or pre-paid bag. This will make recycling much more accessible to the householder.

For details on what recycling bins or bags in your area contact your local waste collector.


Tax Relief on Bin Charges - Lo Call Revenue 1890 777 425

Did you know that you can claim tax relief on the bin charges you pay each year. Tax can be claimed back on annual charges and pre-paid tags, receipts are not necessary.

To make your claim call into your local Revenue Office or Lo call 1890 777 425 and quote your P.P.S. number.

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