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Room for a Student - Council Tenancies Scheme


Main Features of Scheme


Under the Room for a Student Local Authority Tenancies Scheme, Council tenants are permitted to let a room or rooms in their homes to third-level students.

Features of the scheme include:

  • prior permission must be obtained from the Council
  • tenants can let a room/rooms to third-level students on a temporary basis
  • tenants may let rooms through a licence agreement for the duration of the student’s academic year
  • any additional income a tenant receives through the scheme is reckonable for the calculation of their differential rent to the Council.


How the Scheme Works


If you want to rent a room to a student in their local authority home to a third-level student, there are certain steps they to follow:

  • The tenant must advertise the room for letting on student accommodation websites, college and university websites and in other media
  • The student must view the room before agreeing to rent it
  • The tenant and the student must agree that the accommodation and renting arrangements suit both parties
  • The tenant and the student must both apply to the Council to take part in the scheme
  • If the application is successful, the student can rent the room for the academic year
  • At the end of the academic year, the student must leave the property
  • If the tenant and the student want to continue the arrangement for the next academic year, they must obtain the Council’s consent.


Application Form and Further Information




Ceisteanna Coitianta


Application Form


Foirm Iarratais


Sample Licence Agreement


ComhaontĂș CeadĂșnais Samplach




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