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Applying for Donegal County Council Housing


Who can apply for Donegal County Council Housing?


You can apply for Donegal County Council Housing if you are in need of housing and cannot afford it from your resources. In assessing your application, the Council will consider such factors as household size, household income, your present accommodation (if any), the condition of that accommodation, and any special circumstances including age, disability, medical circumstances etc.


How are houses allocated?

Houses are allocated to applicants in accordance with the Allocation Scheme  in order of priority, taking all circumstances into account.  The purpose of this scheme is to provide a means of prioritising applicants for re-housing when Council dwellings are being allocated to persons whose need has already been established through their inclusion in the most recent Housing Assessment or if the Council accepts them for inclusion in the next assessment in accordance with their agreed policy. This scheme includes a provision for choice-based letting which may be used as a method to allocate properties in the future.  


How do I apply?


To apply for Housing assistance you should complete either the 


Social Housing Application Form - English Version


Social Housing Application Form - Irish Version


and Disability/Medical Information forms (if relevant)

Disability-Medical Information - HMD Form1, Part 1

Disability-Medical Information - HMD Form1, Part 2

Disability-Medical Information - HMD Form1, Part 3

Faisnéise Míchumais-Leighis - HMD-Foirm1, Cuid 1

Faisnéise Míchumais-Leighis - HMD-Foirm1, Cuid 2

Faisnéise Míchumais-Leighis - HMD-Foirm1, Cuid 3



and return to your local Public Services Centre.


Further guidance required?


Easy to Read Guide to Filling in the Social Housing SupportApplication Form 2022


Treoir Soléite chun Foirm Iarratais ar Thacaíocht Sóisialta a Líonad (ETR Guide)


For further information


Email [email protected] with your query.