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Voluntary Housing


The Voluntary Housing Scheme is strongly supported by the Council. There are a number of voluntary groups such as St. Vincent De Paul Society, Cluid, Respond, North and West Housing, Oaklee Housing Trust and Habinteg providing accommodation for persons with special needs, the elderly, the homeless and general family type accommodation. They also provide facilities such as meeting rooms, day centres for or of benefit to occupants.  In many cases such communal facilities are provided in conjunction with the Health Service Executive. 

The Council acts as an intermediary between the voluntary body and the Department of the Environment and Local Government who fund the Voluntary Housing Schemes.


If you are already on the Council list for rehousing, you will be considered when the voluntary bodies are allocating a scheme. The voluntary body is required to consult with the Council and in most cases, the houses are allocated to persons who are already on the Council’s approved housing list. In some cases, the voluntary body may advertise locally for applications for a specific scheme. 

Houses allocated by a voluntary body cannot be purchased by the tenant in the same way as tenants of Local Authority houses can. 


For further information contact the Council.