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Fixed Charges


Original FixedCharge Amount
Increased Fixed Charge Amount
Payment after Summons is issued
Conviction in the District Court
Fixed Charge Offences €40 - €80 €60 - €120 €120 - €180 Fine not exceeding €1000
For non-display of tax disc €60 €90 €180 Fine not exceeding €1000
For illegal parking in a disabled bay €150 €225 €450 Fine not exceeding €1000



Once a Fixed Charge Notice is issued, payment should be made within 28 days for the respective amounts listed in column A.


If payment is not received within 28 days, the fixed charge amount will increase by 50% and payment should be made within a further period of 28 days for the respective amounts listed in column B. 


After 56 days, payment of the Fixed Charge Amount cannot be accepted under any circumstances.


After the 56 days period the Fixed Charge Notice will move to the Prosecution Stage and a summons will be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.  A person served with a summons, who does not want to contest the matter in the Courts, may pay the respective amounts listed in column C.  This payment must be made by the date listed on the notice issued with the summons.  If this amount is paid the Council will consider the matter closed and the person need not attend Court.


*Please note that these web pages do not amount to a legal document and are for guidance only. The information contained in these pages is designed to assist in resolving matters arising during the processing of Fixed Charge Notices and should not be read as an interpretation of the law. 




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