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Donegal Road Safety Working Group and Donegal GAA

DRSWG, Jamie Brennan & CLG Dhún na nGall leads the way on Road Safety.

The Donegal Road Safety Working Group and the County Health & Wellbeing Committee of CLG Dhún na nGall have once again joined forces and launched their annual road safety campaign at the start of the football season to encourage all road users to “LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER” on our roads. Too often communities across the country have been devastated by the death of a motorist, pedestrian or a cyclist in road traffic collisions. Now, with the help of Jamie Brennan, Road Safety Ambassador, one of the youngest players on the Donegal senior team the DRSWG and CLG Dhún na nGall and everyone involved is urging all road users to please look out for each other stressing the need for safety on our roads. The campaign was launched at Mac Cumhaill Park, Ballybofey and points out that a mistake on the pitch might cost you the game, but a mistake on the road could cost you your life and such a mistake will have to be lived with forever.
The campaign is fully backed by the Donegal Road Safety Working Group and CLG Dhún na nGall, with Donegal Senior Team Player, Jamie Brennan as its Road Safety Ambassador. Footballers and management will be encouraging people to make a commitment to decide every time they sit in a vehicle before they turn the key, that they will make the right decision about how they use the roads. This Road Safety campaign for the football season is being co-ordinated by Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer, Donegal County Council and Kevin Mills, Chairperson, Donegal Health & Wellbeing Committee.
At the recent launch at Mac Cumhaill Park, Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer stated, “This is another opportunity to remind all road users about their road safety responsibilities. Far too many communities in Donegal have suffered the loss of a loved one as a result of a road traffic collision and if this initiative helps to prevent further deaths then we are more than happy to lead on this. The support received from CLG Dhún na nGall and Jamie Brennan for this campaign, has allowed us to highlight that road safety is a shared responsibility and this responsibility has to be the number one priority for all road users.”Kevin Mills, Chairperson, County Health & Wellbeing Committee stated. “This road safety campaign is an integral part of the Health & Wellbeing 2018 action plan. We would urge all road users whether it is a motorist, pedestrian, jogger or cyclist to look out for each other.If we are to make a positive and meaningful difference on Donegal Roads, each and every one of us must take our road use responsibilities seriously. All road users must be conscious of their own behaviour and actions which can impact on other road users.”Jamie Brennan said “It is a great honour and privilege for me to be taking over from Ryan Mc Hugh who has championed the issue of road safety in Donegal for a number of years.  I am looking forward to working with the County Health & Wellbeing Committee and the Donegal Road Safety Working Group in promoting a safety culture for all road users.  I would appeal to all road users to take notice and put into practice the many road safety messages that we receive on a daily basis.”Mick Mc Grath, Donegal GAA County Chairman said. “As our teams, prepare for the first round of the Ulster Championship against fellow Ulster men Cavan, we ask our supporters, visitors and road users to respect and look out for each other on our roads and play your part in making Donegal roads a safer place for everyone.”

Our message is simple – make smart choices about how you use the roads: never ever drink or drug drive, strictly keep to the speed limits and reduce your speed, make sure you and your passengers are wearing seatbelts before you set off on a journey, no matter how short and never use your mobile phone for any purpose while driving. Always be seen by wearing reflective clothing if you are walking, running, cycling or riding a motorbike.




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