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Roads Public Notices/Road Closures


Under Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993, a road authority may by order close a public road to traffic for a specified period and subject to specified conditions for the purposes of a road race, to facilitate the carrying out of works or for any other purpose.

Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994 sets down requirements in relation to periods of notice and the making and consideration of objections.


Road Public Notices

Information Notice - Donegal Town One-Way System Active Travel Project

Information Notice - Public Consultation - N15 Lifford Active Travel Project

Road Closures


Applying for a Temporary Road Closure

  • Applications for temporary closure of roads must be submitted (in writing) to Donegal County Council, Roads & Transportation Section, County House, Lifford at least six weeks before the proposed date of road closure to allow enough time for the Council to meet its statutory obligations. The application must state the reason for the road closure, duration, location and alternative route along with a map and evidence of adequate public liability insurance cover.
  • The Council, before closing a road, must give at least two weeks notice of its intention to do so in one or more newspapers circulating in the area and to the Gardaí. A minimum of three days must be allowed for receipt of objections to the proposed road closure.
  • A further final notice, giving details of the road closure and alternative routes must be inserted in local newspapers at least seven days in advance of the road closure.
  • The Council’s advertising costs relating to the road closure will be payable by the applicant and will be invoiced prior to the event taking place.


Below is a list of Current Temporary Closure of Roads in Donegal‌‌