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22/09/2023 - Donegal prepares for Make Way Day


Make Way Day returns to Donegal today for another National Day of Local Action.


Make Way Day focuses on the practical initiatives we can take together, to remove the barriers for people with disabilities in our community. This day of national significance highlights the importance of working together to make our public spaces more accessible for everyone.


Make Way Day is led by the Disability Federation of Ireland as a unique collaboration across Ireland and the voluntary and local government sectors. But most of all it’s about people with disabilities.


Donegal County Council is delighted to be working closely with a number of local organisations to promote awareness, including members from the MS Society, the Donegal Centre for Independent Living, the Irish Wheelchair Association, the Independent Living Movement of Ireland and the National Council for the Blind of Ireland.


An Garda Síochána and Donegal County Council’s traffic wardens are endorsing this campaign, enforcing a zero tolerance approach to motorists who park on footpaths or use designated disabled parking bays without a permit. Typical obstacles include bins, sandwich boards or cars and bicycles parked on footpaths.


People with disabilities are the backbone of this campaign and we encourage everyone to share the experience by posting photos of obstacles to social platforms with #MakeWayDay23