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CLÁR Funding 2023

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CLÁR Funding Scheme 2023


This application process is now closed.


CLÁR(Ceantair Laga Árd-Riachtanais) provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas that have suffered significant levels of population decline. The aim of CLÁR is to support the sustainable development of identified CLÁR areas with the aim of attracting people to live and work there.


The CLÁR funding scheme is a targeted investment programme and aims to provide funding for small infrastructural projects in designated CLÁR rural areas that have experienced significant levels of de-population.



The CLÁR Funding Scheme 2023 is available for the following measures: 


Measure 1    Developing Community Facilities & Amenities

Measure 2    Mobility, Cancer Care and Community First Responders Transport

Measure 3  ‘Our Islands’






How to Apply 


Measure 1 will support a variety of capital projects provided that they contribute to the enhancement of existing, and/or the development of new, accessible Community Recreation Facilities.


Expressions of Interests to Measure 1 Developing Community Facilities & Amenities are to be submitted directly to Donegal County Council, details of which are available below:


CLÁR 2023 - Measure 1 - Scheme Outline

CLÁR 2023 - Measure 1 - Expression of Interest Form



 Irish Version of the forms will be uploaded as soon as they are available.


Expressions of Interest for Measures 1 must be submitted on-line to [email protected] before 12noon on Thursday 4th May 2023.


Note: Up to 15 project applications in total under Measure 1 may be selected by the Local Authority for onward submission to the Department and for their informed consideration.


Please Note:


Applications to Measure 2 and Measure 3 must be submitted directly to the Department of Rural and Community Development, as per details and dates outlined in the Scheme Outline


See details below:


CLÁR 2023 Measure 2 Scheme Outline - Mobility, Cancer Care and Community First Responders Transport

CLÁR 2023 Measure 2 Application Form


CLÁR 2023 Measure 3 Scheme Outline - Our Islands

CLÁR 2023 Measure 3 Application Form 







Closing date for receipt of Expressions of Interests to be submitted to

Donegal County Council online at


 [email protected]


before 12 noon on Thursday 4th May 2023



Expressions of Interest received after this deadline will not be considered