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Strabane to Lifford Greenway

Historical Project Information


July 2020: the two Councils - Derry & Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council - have selected Fox Construction to deliver the route linking Lifford to Strabane. Although work had commenced in March 2020, it stopped relatively quickly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Works were completed in September 2021. Read more 



Planning and Construction

Work in Lifford continues to deliver the new infrastructure.



9 January 2020: Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Planning Committee has approved plans to develop a £1m cycling and walking route in Strabane. The development will see a 3.5km route constructed in the town, connecting the A5, Derry Road, Canal Basin, River Mourne Flood Wall and Strabane Retail Park. Proposals also include amendments to existing road kerb alignments, new road markings and signage, drainage, hard and soft landscaping, new path lighting and adjustments to existing road lighting and boundary treatments. This approval follows on from Donegal County Council's approval to proceed with the Lifford section too. Construction is due to commence Q1, 2020. Read more 


new cycling lane at Asda, Strabane.


Route 3 Report


The emerging design proposals for the cycling and walking route linking Strabane in County Tyrone to Lifford in County Donegal went on public display on 24 and 25 October 2018 in Strabane and Lifford respectively. In tandem, the Stage 1 and 2 Constraints Study, Scheme Assessment and Design Options Report was published outlining the plans for the 6.7km route. Planning applications were lodged by both councils in November 2018. In Donegal, permission was granted by the Council in January 2019. Construction is scheduled to commence by spring 2020.


Route 3, Strabane-Derry-Constraints and Route Options Report stage 1-2


The Scheme Assessment and Design Options Report describes the combined Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Design Option Appraisal Process for the proposed Strabane to Lifford Route of North West Greenway Network (NWGN) Scheme. It sets out the project background and the European, national and local policy guidelines which frame the scheme and the development of Greenway Schemes. The report identifies a Study Area and describes the Constraints, Opportunities and Areas of Interest within the Study Area that will inform the consideration of design options. One viable Design Option from, and around Strabane to the border at Lifford has been identified.


One preferred Design Option was identified from the border at Lifford to Murlog Church, with a provision being made to both sides of the N14 for a portion of its length. The report describes these Routes and explains the design options considered.


As no viable alternative routes have been identified, this report combines the Stage 2 Preferred Route Selection.



For those who were not able to attend the information events in Lifford and Strabane, please see the visualisations and scheme overview in the listed below:


Route 3 - Information event Presentation Lifford and Strabane


Route 3_visualisations - selected locations, before and after photos



Route 3 - Lifford to Strabane emerging route


Within the Emerging design proposals above, specific areas are shown below in greater detail:


Route 3_drawing 1_Strabane bypass

Route 3_drawing 2_Derry Rd and Alley Theatre

Route 3_drawing 3_Strabane Main Street

Route 3_drawing 4_Lifford to Murlog

Route 3_drawing 5_Raphoe Road Murlog