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Route 2 - Derry to Muff

Muff section of Derry-Muff greenway now completed


With the exception of installing directional signs (due early July), work has now been completed in Muff. The Council is confident that the new infrastructure will be officially launched during the summer.


In Derry, Derry City & Strabane District Council is on schedule to publish the works contract in early July for the section linking the city to Muff (via Culmore). The project is confident that a contractor will be appointed during the summer, with work beginning in 2022.


The first layer of tar being added in Muff, 8 February 2022

Work progress in Muff with the first tar laid in February 2022


Donegal County Council appoints E Quinn Civils Ltd to construct greenway in Muff (September 2021)


Donegal County Council has announced that E Quinn Civils Ltd has won the contract to construct the Muff section of the Derry-Muff greenway. This is the first section of the EU-funded greenway project to be built in the county, and forms the opening section of the Inishowen greenway, which is a long-term objective of Donegal County Council’s greenway strategy. The contractor is scheduled to commence work on 9 September and the route is scheduled to be completed in early 2022.


Rónán Gallagher, the greenway project’s communication officer, said: ‘this is a fantastic day for Inishowen and Donegal in general, and a tangible sign of the Council’s commitment to active travel and encouraging people to interact with their community in a more environmentally-friendly way.’ He concluded: ‘this section has been made possible by the Council’s vision and the funding secured from INTERREG VA, administered by SEUPB. The project team would like to acknowledge the support of those funders, as well as the support of the Members of the Inishowen Municipal District, and not least the people of Muff who have been enthusiastic about the project since its inception in September 2017.’          



Historical information - preferred route published


Route 2 - North West Greenway Network - preferred route announced


The Stage 1 scheme assessment report for route 2 appraising route corridor options was published on 23 May 2018. Public consultation days were held for route 2 on 23 and 24 May 2018 with over 300 members of the public attending (combined). In November 2018, the emerging preferred route linking Derry to Muff via Culmore was made available to the general public in the Stage 2 Preferred Route Corridor Selection Report for route 2. Public information events were held on 28 and 29 November in Culmore and Muff respectively.


Subsequently, both Councils commenced the planning process for the preferred route in their respective jurisdiction. Planning for the Muff section in Donegal was approved in 2019 and the section in Derry was approved by the local authority's Planning Committee in April 2021. Following a tender process to select a contractor, construction is scheduled to commence during Q3, 2021.


Go to to find RTÉ's coverage of our event in Culmore. 



Part 8, planning, Donegal, Muff, Muff Liquor, Derry, cycling, walking

Seamus McGonagle and John Crumlish of Donegal County Council erect one of the Part 8 notices in Muff. The planning application will come before Council in July.





Route 2 - Preferred Route Corridor Selection Report November 2018


Route 2 - Constraints Study and Route Options Report May 2018 



Drawings and Maps, November 2018


Route 2 - artist impressions_before and after visuals November 2018


A - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Foyle Bridge, Derry

B - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Bay Road, Derry

C- Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Culmore Road, Derry - 1

D - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Culmore Road, Derry 2

E - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Thornhill College, Derry

F - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Culmore village 1

G - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Culmore village 2

H - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Coney Road, Culmore

I - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Coney Road to Border

J - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Muff 1

K - Route 2 - Public Consultation Layout - Muff 2



Eileen Magnier and John McMorrow from RTÉ who covered November's information session in Hollybush Primary School, Culmore.



Last updated: 10 June 2022