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Planning and Construction

Work has been completed in Lifford and Strabane. The two contracts were simultaneously awarded to Fox Construction. Although the project commencement was hindered by restrictions due to Covid-19, the contractor completed its work by summer 2021. The route is now fully operational, linking the two cross-border towns.



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Lifford, 2 October 2021: the route at St Jude's Court.





Work at Asda, Strabane


Strabane, 2 October 2020: bordering the perimeter to Asda and the cricket club, the new greenway begins to take shape.


In Muff, work will be completed by early May on the first section of the overall Muff-Derry greenway (known as route 2).


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 A cyclist on the new route in Muff, which is nearing completion



Last updated: 8 April 2022