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Part VIII Planning process commences for Lifford-Castlefin


In March, Donegal County Council gave notice of its intention to carry out development of a greenway between Lifford and Castlefin adjacent to the N15 National Road in the Lifford-Stranorlar Municipal District. Details of the project - and the statutory planning timeline - can be found at Lifford-Castlefin Public Consultation.


The deadline for submisions - 16.00 on 18 May - has now passed.


Project History


First advertised in December 2021, the closing date for submissions for the proposed cycle and walking project was Wednesday 5 January, 17.00. As indicated above, this project has now progressed to the planning stage of delivery.


The links below gives historical information on the project: the study area, constraints encountered, proposed options and the next step in the process inclusive of public input as part of the Part VIII planning process.


Preferred route corridor selected



Further to the Constraints Study and recent public consultation undertaken for the proposed Lifford to Castlefin Greenway which outlined the 3 route options under consideration, the emerging preferred route is the northern verge of the N15, i.e. the ‘Red Option’, indicated on the route option maps below: Lifford to Castlefin - Options Maps. This was announced in February 2022.


The alternative options (Blue and Purple Options) were found to have a number of shortfalls in comparison to the Red Option, primarily risk of flooding and accessibility for users.


‌Historical Project Documentation


Information leaflet


Constraints Report


Constraints Mapping


Options Mapping


Note that the route selection process has now closed. This project has been submitted for Part VIII Planning.



Last updated: 10 June 2022