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Playgrounds in Donegal

Sweet Factory Playground, Bernard McGlinchey Town Park, Letterkenny‌‌

Sweet Factory Playground, Bernard McGlinchey Town Park, Letterkenny


Playgrounds provide a free place for children, their families and minders to explore play and enjoy the outdoors. Donegal County Council is responsible for the management and control of 51 playgrounds, 4 multi-use games areas, 1 skate park and 7 outdoor gyms throughout the county. There are also multiple playgrounds maintained by local community groups throughout the county.


The Council works closely with local groups to manage and maintain these facilities for the local community and visitors to ensure a safe environment for children to play. The playgrounds are inspected regularly to ensure that safety issues are identified and addressed as soon as reasonably practicable. Donegal County Council acknowledges and thanks the many parents and volunteers that work tirelessly to develop and maintain their local playground. We ask that you support their efforts by respecting the rules of each playground and help keep them safe and litter free.


Note:  Any damage or vandalism at any of the above playgrounds should be reported to Donegal County Council 



Killea Community Playground, Killea

Killea Community Playground


Clink on the links below to find the Donegal County Council maintained playgrounds in each Municipal District:


Donegal MD Playgrounds

Glenties MD Playgrounds

Inishowen MD Playgrounds

Letterkenny/Milford MD Playgrounds

Stranorlar MD Playgrounds



Map of Playground Locations


Ballyliffin Playground, Ballyliffin

Ballyliffin Playground