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Cyber Awareness Campaign for Older People


The Joint Policing Committee members in response to concerns raised by older people in relation to cyber awareness and particularly online and telephone fraud have produced a Poster, sponsored by Donegal Older Peoples Council, highlight the “4Ps” for use of social media.


4 Ps Poster



These posters will be distributed by the Community Gardai to the following for display or circulation:


  1. Day centres for the elderly
  2. Family Resource Centres
  3. Community organisation who provide equipment under the seniors alert scheme
  4. Public Health Centres
  5. Public Health Nurses
  6. Garda Stations 
  7.  Local Authority Public Services Centres


The Joint Policing Committee urged older people to view the poster and to seek out advice and support for any of their concerns through the Garda Website.   People have been the victim of cybercrime are urged to contact Gardai to report the crime.