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Information for Parents and Young People



Gareth Gibson

‌Gareth Gibson, 

Donegal Youth Services

Children and Young People growing up in Ireland are continually being bombarded with the ever-increasing influx of Online Tools, smart gadgets, widgets and social networks. Most of whom cope well with this increased sophistication and flourish amidst the many positive aspects of work, play and social interaction.  However, the online “connected” world has many hidden dangers.


Donegal Youth Service provides workshops to educate people about the dangers of the Internet and in particular Cyberbullying, as well as tips on how engage with the Internet in responsible and safe way. The following areas are dealt with:


  • Types of Cyberbullying
  • Dangers of social networks
  • How to deal with Cyberbullying
  • How to ask for help
  • What can you do to stop it?
  • Awareness of IT safety settings





We also have a number of publications tailored for both young people and parents.  There are some basis information flyers as well as a more comprehensive Parents Guide to Device Safety.  All of which can be access from our website:  


Additionally, we strive to encourage both parents and young people to have positive attitudes towards the Internet and embrace it in a responsible and age appropriate manner.  Through our Youth Information Service, we are more than happy to help people on an individual basis and answer any queries they may have.   We now offer a free online chat service to connect young people with a professional Youth Information Officer who can provide a personalised service online between 4pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday.  For more on this: