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Have your say: Donegal County Council Cultural Services Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020


Donegal’s unique and varied culture is a source of immense pride. Our county and its culture have always been intertwined as an all encompassing, evolving force that helps us express and celebrate who we are as a diverse, traditional and modern people. The Cultural Services Division of Donegal County Council provides services to the public in the area of Public Libraries, County Arts Service, Regional Cultural Centre, Public Art Program, County Museum & Archive Service and is preparing its 5 Year Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020.


 “By 2020, we want Donegal’s reputation as a leader in culture to be strengthened by our commitment to its development.  Donegal County Council believes that to invest in arts, culture, heritage and language is a commitment to a healthier, more fulfilled, prosperous, successful county” Seamus Neely, Chief Executive, Donegal County Council.


We have set out our vision under six main goals as follows


  1. 1.      Public Participation


  1. 2.      Life Long learning and Social Inclusion


  1. 3.      Supporting Arts & Arts Organisations


  1. 4.      Conserve and promote Cultural Inheritance


  1. 5.      Building relationships with stakeholders and partners


  1. 6.      Sustainable, high quality Cultural Service


In developing the Cultural Services Strategic Plan, we would like to hear your views and ideas .


• What cultural issues and challenges do you, your community, your organisation and/or your sector face at this point in time?


• How do you think Cultural Services could realistically address or support these issues and challenges?


• What do you think Cultural Services should focus on as key priority areas from 2016 to 2020?



Deadline date for making submissions


The deadline for receipt of submissions to the Cultural Services Plan is Friday 29th April 2016


to: Eileen Burgess | Ireland  2016 Donegal Co-Ordinator, County Librarian/Divisional Manager Cultural Services, Donegal County Council, Rosemount Lane, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal Email:[email protected]


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