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Here comes the Summer - time to team up and keep it clean!

Here comes the summer 4 379 x 269

Look, it’s easy to take your rubbish home from the beach says’s Ireland’s top funny man, Conal Gallen as he joins Donegal County Council Cathaoirleach, Cllr Ciaran Brogan and Litter Warden, Martin Roarty at the launch of the Council’s Here Comes The Summer’ anti-litter campaign on Portsalon Beach today


Summer brings many challenges and for a tourist county like Donegal, it not only means thousands of visitors on its highways and byways – it can also signal extra demands keeping it in tip top shape!


With temperatures set to sore this week, Donegal County Council is launching its ‘Here Comes the Summer’ initiative where it is backing locals and visitors to team up over the holiday season and ensure they protect the precious countryside, mountains and beaches from making the wrong impression.


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This campaign is promoting a few very simple messages:


  • If you are enjoying a picnic on the beach, please bring your rubbish home and leave nothing behind


  • Never throw rubbish out the car window


  • Recycle at any of the six recycling centres in Donegal or at any of the 70 bring banks throughout the county


  • Enjoy your visit and leave only footprints behind!


These messages will be conveyed using specially designed posters, local radio messages, social media and publicity campaign and to top it all this campaign has got the backing of Ireland’s top comedian Conal Gallen who, along with Cathaoirleach Cllr. Ciaran Brogan, officially launched this campaign today. 


Here comes the summer 1

Beach boys …comedian Conal Gallen (right) joins Donegal County Council Cathaoirleach, Cllr Ciaran Brogan at the launch of the Here Comes the Summer’ anti-litter campaign which was launched today


Conal said he was backing the tourists to show their support for the local team and play a part in keeping Donegal clean throughout the summer.


“People love Donegal as much as they love their home patch and I think it’s wonderful all are being asked to be on the same team this summer. As I said before, litter is no joke and it’s up to all of us to protect what we have and make sure our beaches and countryside remains in tip top condition”.


Cathaoirleach, Cllr Ciaran Brogan echoed Conal’s sentiments and is keen for the partnership to work for the benefit of all concerned.


“We want tourists visiting the county to become involved and join the ongoing efforts of the locals to keep places like the Wild Atlantic Way and Donegal’s many distinctive towns and villages a good place to visit”


The Council is encouraging visitors to avail of the many facilities provided for locals such as the six recycling centres, the 70 bring banks and community clean ups that have been operating all year.


In turn, the benefits of tourism for the county are enhanced through a number of multiplier effects. These range from the ability of the town to host facilities, services and events that the host population might not sustain by itself, to the simple economic spin-off for a range of businesses that are supported by those who service the tourists directly.


The positive experience for the visitor is influenced by a number of factors, including ease of access and movement, visual impressions, the range and quality of things to do and see, hygiene, and human interaction … and all that depends on a cooperative approach.


Donegal County Council Chief Executive, Seamus Neely said it was important the county facilitated the needs of both the locals and the visitors well into the future.


“The concept of sustainable tourismand the need to ensure that future tourism growth needs to go hand in hand with the protection, planning and management of the quality, character and distinctiveness of our unique tourism product.


“Sustainable tourism development should not only increase revenue for the industry, but should also deliver on conservation, environmental and social goals. If locals and tourists are on the same team and keep Donegal pristine, everyone’s a winner,” he said.


And if that is not enough Conal Gallen warns “Take yer rubbish home …or you’ll have to answer to me”...


For more information on recycling in Donegal see or visit the Donegal County Council website at


Here comes the summer 3 379 x 269

Snag it, bag it …and keep it clean! Ireland’s top funny man Conal Gallen is surrounded by (l-r) Donegal County Council Cathaoirleach, Cllr Ciaran Brogan, Litter Warden Martin Roarty and the Council’s Communications Officer, Anne Marie Conlon as they gently encourage everyone enjoying Donegal’s fantastic facilities to take their rubbish with them when they leave.






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