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09/12/2015 - Installation of temporary culvert at Toome Lough

The N56 Boyoughter to Kilkenny road scheme is currently on site. This contract commenced in July of this year and is due to be completed in late 2016/early 2017.


The much needed scheme involves the improvement of 5km of the N56 through Lettermacaward and including the Gweebarra bends.


The works includes the realignment and widened of the N56 to a safer and more consistent standard including adjacent to Toome Lough.


The level of water in the lake is determined by the existing outlet from the lake to the south under the existing N56. The existing outlet pipe is old and in poor repair.


This scheme proposes to remove this existing culvert and replace it with a new larger capacity culvert of twice the current size. These particular works were programmed by the contractor to be completed in March 2016 and as such no work had been carried out at this location to date.


Following the recent deluge countywide and representations from Mr. Cannon about the function of the existing culvert we immediately reviewed our options to deal with the issue. Installation of the proposed larger culvert is not a feasible solution at this time as the larger pipe would have a significant immediate and ongoing impact upon the existing N56 and impede its operation through the holiday period.


Wills Bros Ltd and the Donegal County Council Site Management team have, over the last two days, sought to devise a temporary solution to the immediate outfall problem. A temporary culvert is currently being installed by Wills Bros Ltd. This is not an easy operation due to the current levels of water and other issues including weather conditions, traffic management and existing services.


We would like to thank Wills Bros for their assistance and efficiency in dealing with this matter and also for providing other assistance to Mr. Cannon in recent days which have been difficult ones for many throughout the county.



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