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Killybegs Fire Brigade honoured


Killybegs Fire Brigade honoured


A special event to mark the bravery of fire fighters from Killybegs who battled flames in a blazing building to save the life of an elderly lady was held on Saturday night (16th July) in The Tara Hotel, Killybegs.


The event was hosted by Donegal County Council to acknowledge Killybegs Fire Brigade who received a Certificate of Bravery at the National Bravery Awards Ceremony held on the 13th November 2015 in Dublin.


The Certificate of Bravery was presented to the Killybegs Fire Brigade as a whole for a rescue the Brigade carried out on the 2nd November, 2013. The brigade was alerted at 8.17am on that date to a fire at Hughie’s Bar, Main Street in Killybegs that also had living accommodation at first floor level.   On arrival smoke was seen billowing from the building and the Incident Commander was informed that an elderly lady was trapped in the first floor accommodation. The fire, which originated on the ground floor, had already penetrated to the first floor.


Firefighters using breathing apparatus entered the building and successfully rescued the lady and extinguished the fire in the building. The lady was removed to Letterkenny General Hospital where thankfully she made a full recovery.  


Station Officer Kevin Conwell and Sub-Station Officer Shaun Curran accepted the Certificate of Bravery on behalf of the entire Killybegs Fire Brigade at a ceremony in Farmleigh House and the event on Saturday night was an opportunity for the other members of the Brigade to be officially recognised by Donegal County Council for their part in the award.


Mr. Garry Martin, Director of Emergency Services, said that it was a privilege to acknowledge the contribution made by the Killybegs Fire Brigade. He noted that “Receiving a National Bravery Award is a great honour and I am delighted, on behalf of Donegal County Council, to be in a position to host this evening’s event to congratulate, recognise and thank each member of the Killybegs Fire Brigade for the contributions they make in their vital role in protecting the community they serve”.


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