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10 October - New Letterkenny Social Enterprise Building



Community groups and organisations are being invited to have their say on the development of the new Social Enterprise Building in Letterkenny at a special public consultation day which will be held on October 25th in the Letterkenny Public Service Centre.


The new Social Enterprise Building, which is funded through the ERDF Designated Urban Grant Scheme 2014 - 2020, will be located on a site adjacent to the existing Public Services Centre in Letterkenny and is expected to house various community services.


The Council is inviting all groups and organisations interested in becoming full-time tenants in the building to attend on the day. The consultations will take the form of pre-booked 30 minute meetings between the respective group and Council staff.  This will allow the Council to engage with the various groups to find out their needs as well as informing the interested parties about how the building will run and operate.


Director of Service for Community, Enterprise and Planning Control Liam Ward believes that the community has a very important role to play in helping design the building so as to ensure that it serves their needs.


“Donegal County Council is keen to hear the feedback from local groups and organisations as we strive to develop a community facility that can house some of the essential community and voluntary services operating in the county that work to improve the lives of so many people”.


The one-to-one consultations will run from 9am to 7pm on October 25th at the Letterkenny Public Services Centre, Neil T. Blaney Road, Letterkenny.  Interested parties should contact Ciaran Martin, Donegal County Council on 074-9153900 to register a time. The closing date for confirmation of all bookings is 20 October 2016 at 4.30pm.




Groups invited to have their say on new Letterkenny Social Enterprise Building                                      Groups invited to have their say on new Letterkenny Social Enterprise Building




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