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21/01/2015 - Over 1,000kms of Roads Gritted in last 24 Hours

Winter Weather Gritter 379 x 269


With another cold night forecasted Donegal County Council's gritting teams will continue to grit all priority routes in the county.  Over the last 24 hours over 1000 km of road has been gritted including priority routes and busier off route sections.  While every effort is being made to keep main roads passable we cannot guarantee that roads will be ice free so please take extra care on the roads. 


We are aware that many of the untreated roads remain in a dangerous condition, however sand and grit banks are available for use by the community in various towns and villages in the county and their locations are available on  The Council has also made available additional batches of sand and grit at known trouble spots on back roads throughout the county.


Despite everyone’s best efforts there is no guarantee that roads will be completely free of ice.  If it rains the salt may be washed away and ice may form so take extra care when out and about on our roads during this cold weather.


Keep up to date with road conditions by following us on Twitter @roadsdcc  or @donegalcouncil or by checking out the Councils dedicated Winter Weather website.  


This site includes links to an interactive map which provides motorists and road users with up to date information on road conditions and road gritting plans on a given night.  It also shows the locations of public sand and grit collection points and includes an hourly weather forecast feed for most areas in the county so that you can check local forecast for the next 12-24 hours.   There are also links to weather cameras to view live conditions in three locations in the county.



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