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RTE filming one minute viral in Glenties this Saturday


Donegal 2016


RTE are completing their filming for the 1916 commemorations documentary this week with a clip of local people viewing the one minute viral that RTE are creating.  This one minute viral provides a glimpse of the passage of time over the last 100 years in County Donegal through a series of stunning images of its people and places.


The viral will be shown at the Highlands Hotel in Glenties on Saturday 14 November at 6.30pm and this in turn will become part of the overall documentary.


This documentary is one of four that RTE are making for the 1916 centenary, focussing on counties outside Dublin.  The other counties being featured include Cork, Wexford and Galway. 


Each documentary will feature a well-known local person and in Donegal’s case, it will feature Jim McGuinness and Glenties. 


The documentary will include other aspects of Donegal in 1916 and some of its links with the Easter Rising.  For example, the documentary will also incorporate Gola Island’s connections with the Asgard and Coláiste Uladh’s history and links with the leaders of 1916.


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