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09/06/2015 - Council joins unique marine bio-diversity project

World Ocean Day


Donegal County Council marked World Oceans Day (Monday) with news of its participation in a unique marine bio-diversity project.


SeaEurope is a transnational Sustainable Tourism Route that connects European coastal destinations with a rich marine biodiversity and vivid seas.


This will place the county on the map of unique places where you will be able to experience marine wildlife through water sports and outdoor activities.


The Route will deliver great travel hints on unique adventures that you can experience in coastal destinations allowing you to make responsible contact with marine species in the wild, while learning about their ecology and participating in efforts to preserve them.  The National Parks and Wildlife Service has worked with Donegal County Council in developing this project.


The Route will also offer valuable information on Donegal and Europe’s best coastal destinations, natural sites of interest, flag species, important habitats, as well as on currently on-going scientific efforts and projects aimed at their conservation. 


The project results will include:


  • Development of the Management Plan, Business Plan and Marketing Strategy of the Transnational Route
  • Mapping of Key ‘SeaEurope’ Route Resources, Attractions and Stakeholders
  • Capacity Building on Sustainable Tourism Practices and Sustainable Tourism Experiences Development
  • Promotion of the Route through specialized Tourism channels and own marketing resources.(including producing promotional video)
  • Workshop ‘Bringing Natural Values to Life in Coastal and Maritime Tourism Destinations across Europe’


Donegal County Council’s Chief Executive Seamus Neely said “this is a new and exciting partnership of regions for the Council.  The outputs from the project will include new resources which can help to effectively market the regions for unique marine bio-diversity and species to create a truly pan-European network of nature tourism experiences.”


Project SeaEurope has the financial support of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME) of the European Commission (EU). 


Donegal is a member of FEDETON and this network provided opportunities for the Council to participate in this project. 


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