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A Trek through Time Exhibition- Donegal County Archives Touring Exhibition

A Trek through Time Images from Donegal County Archives: An Exhibition  

Taispeántas: Turas tríd an stair : Íomhánna as Cartlann Contae Dhún na nGall


What is the Exhibition about?

This colourful exhibition curated by Donegal County  Archives (The Archives Service of Donegal County Council) is a touring exhibition consisting of 12 pull up stands, each based on a collection or theme strongly represented in the County Archives collection. These are: Arts & the Archives; Donegal Grand Jury; The Railways of Co. Donegal; Schools & Schooling in Co. Donegal; The Joseph Murray Collection; The Workhouses of Donegal; The GAA in Co. Donegal; Exotic and Eccentric Donegal; Donegal Archives of Emigration; Maps of Donegal; Elections & the Electorate; Ladies of Donegal.


View the exhibition in English or Irish below:


Trek through Time Exhibition in English


Turas trĂ­d an stair as Gaeilge


Summary of the Exhibition


The exhibition explores many of the themes and historical events of significance from the past 250 years in County Donegal through original archives such as photographs, letters, posters, official documents, public notices, flyers, maps, plans, memos, notes and newspaper articles, all from the Donegal County Archives Collection. The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase the variety of interesting and attractive archival collections held by the service and to introduce archival material to as wide an audience as possible, including interested researchers, local people, heritage and history groups, teachers and students and visitors to the county. It aims to increase awareness of local archives and local history and demonstrate their inherent value.  

The exhibition is freely available for heritage centres, libraries, public service centres, museums, community centres etc., and there are two sets, one in English and one in Irish.




 The Past in the Present- A County Archives Exhibition


This exhibition, which was launched some years ago, celebrates over 200 years of Donegal’s unique history and the importance of local history in every day life. It showcases photographs and documents from the County Archives’ many collections. The images on display are examples from the thousands of local archives, of both public and private origin, which make up the holdings of Donegal County Archives. Also included are some privately owned photographs which were kindly loaned to us for the exhibition.


The panels illustrate the significance and relevance of local history for the living, hence the title The Past in the Present.  For example, the workhouses of Donegal are no more but the memories survive. The railways may be gone but their impact is still felt today. 


The exhibition also demonstrates enduring connections between the past and the present. Life for the generations who grew up in the towns, villages and countryside of Donegal a hundred years ago was very different to what it has since become; but the past still resonates with people living today. The old cinemas no longer exist but we still love going to the movies. The curriculum has changed over the years but the school rollbooks and many of the school buildings remain the same. There is a continuity with our history, which is reflected in the exhibition.


Themes are Donegal Wains, Homesteads, Days of Toil, Fun & Games, Journeys in Time, Faith and Worship, Local Democracy, Landlords and Tenants, and Conflict.


Past in the Present Exhibition panel 1

Past in the Present Exhibition panel 2

Past in the Present Exhibition panel 3




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