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Where is the Musuem?

The Museum is on the High Road in Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland. It is in an old stone building that was once part of the Letterkenny Workhouse and is  located  beside the Intreo Office building 



Is there an admission fee?

No. The Museum is free to all members of the public.



What are our opening hours?

Monday – Friday        10.00am – 4.30pm (16.30)

Saturday                     1.00pm – 4.30pm (13.00 – 16.30)

Closed for lunch          12.30pm - 1.00pm

Open all year. Closed on public holidays.



What is so special about Donegal County Museum?

 The Museum is based in an old stone building, which was once part of the Letterkenny Workhouse opened in 1845. The exhibition in the first floor gallery tells the story of Donegal from Prehistory to the Twentieth century. 


In the ground floor gallery we hold a series of temporary exhibitions throughout the year, which cover a wide range of topics. The Museum also hosts a series of talks and events during the year on topics as varied as history, geology, archaeology and flora and fauna.


The Museum is also the home of the Archaeological Survey of Donegal. This survey contains the field notes, maps, plans and slides of the sites and monuments listed in the archaeological survey that was published in 1983. Members of the public can consult the original files by appointment.  



Donegal County Museum is a local authority museum. What does that mean?

Donegal County Council  funds the Museum. The Donegal County Museum is part of the Culture Division of Donegal County Council

The Culture Division of Donegal County Council provides services to the public in the area of Public Libraries, County Arts Service, Regional Cultural Centre, Donegal County Museum &  Donegal County Archive Service. 



The Museum is a “Designated Museum”, what does this mean?

 As a “Designated Museum”, Donegal County Museum is legally entitled to retain objects on behalf of the State. All archaeological objects found with no known owner belong to the State. All such finds must be reported to the National Museum or to a designated museum e.g. Donegal County Museum.  If the object is primarily of local importance it will be kept in the Donegal County Museum for educational or display purposes.



Do you give valuations?




What sort of things do you collect for the Museum?

The primary aim of the Donegal County Museum is to collect, record, preserve, communicate, and display the material evidence and associated information of the history of County Donegal.


The Museum will seek to collect items that are associated with or help to illustrate the general history of this geographical area. This includes items made in, at some point used within or otherwise provenanced to County Donegal.



If I want to donate an object to the Museum what do I do?

You should contact the Museum and let them know that you would like to donate an item. You can then either call into the Museum with your donation or a member of staff will make an appointment to visit you. Once the required forms have been completed the item will be catalogued.


If it requires any preventative conservation this will also be undertaken e.g. treated for woodworm etc. The object may go on display in our long-term exhibition if it is relevant to the subjects covered in this exhibition. It may also be used in any of our temporary exhibitions.



Do you have to “donate” your object?

The Museum would prefer if an object is donated but under special circumstances and for our temporary exhibitions the museum will accept items on loan for specific periods of time.



How do I get access as a researcher?

Researches are welcome; we would ask that an appointment is arranged by contacting the museum by phone, email or by calling into the museum.



Is there access for people with disabilities?

There is a lift to the first floor. A Disabled parking space is located outside the front door of the museum. We also have a Disabled toilet.



Is car parking available at the Museum?

 There is a  car park beside the museum  - a ticket is required.



Can I bring a digital camera to the Museum?

No photography is permitted in the museum. If photographs are to taken a legal agreement form must be signed in advance.



Do we cater for groups?

Group visits are more than welcome. We would ask that group visits are pre booked by contacting the museum by phone, email or by calling into the museum.



Do we provide advice on the care of objects?

We are happy to provide some advice to local organisations, families and individuals on the care of their objects. We encourage people to ensure the future preservation of, and public access to, by depositing material in the Donegal County Museum.



Do we provide a genealogy service?

In general, the Donegal County Museum is unable to undertake actual research on behalf of the public; however we are available to provide advice on local and family history research. Also we have developed a resource publication - Your Donegal Family'




What is the North West Film Archive?

This is unique digital collection of film archive material on Derry and Donegal. It contains 90 hours of programmes, documentaries, feature films, shorts and news footage from some of the major televisions channels as well as Super 8 amateur film and home video dating back over 50 years. The archive is available for viewing free of charge without appointment.


What is the Donegal Islands Film and Radio Archive?

This is a unique digital collection of archive material relating to the islands of County Donegal. The archive provides free public access to nearly 40 hours of film, television and radio material through items such as newsreels, television and radio news and documentaries.

 The audio and visual material contained in this archive will give an understanding of the social history of the offshore islands of County Donegal from the 1950s to the present day. The archive is available for viewing free of charge without appointment.