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Donegal County Council are one of 8 international partners, led by Vest-Agder County Council, Norway, that have been awarded Interreg Europe funding of €1,738,032 for the HERICOAST  project and Donegal County Council have been awarded  €279,408 of this  (inclusive of 15% match funding).


HERICOAST is an interregional cooperation project that aims to improve the management of coastal natural and cultural heritage policies. Within Donegal, the project will focus on the unique character of coastal settlements and examine the built, cultural, non-renewable, man-made and natural resources, traditions and lifestyle that form an integral part of the coastal landscape in order to develop a policy framework that shall be informed by the wider shared experience across the partner regions within their coastal landscapes.


Donegal County Council presented material on the heritage value of the coastal and fluvial region of Donegal at the opening conference in Norway and the poster below was prepared as a basis for discussion. 




Claire Mc Callan, Conservation Architect and Alana Green, Executive Planner from the Central Planning Unit are joint project managers and further information on the project can be obtained a