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'Material Culture of Donegal Communities Abroad' Booklet

Material Culture of Donegal Suitcase Front Cover


The County Donegal Heritage Office, Donegal County Council and the County Donegal Heritage Forum in partnership with The Heritage Council commissioned the research and publication of a booklet on the cultural migration and material culture of Donegal communities abroad as part of the implementation of the County Donegal Heritage Plan.

The booklet is the second in the 'Donegal Heritage Series' produced by the County Donegal Heritage Office and includes the following narrative accounts:

  • 'Barrel or Suitcase: Towards a Material Culture of Irish Emigration'

  by Dr. Fidelma Mullane

  • 'Emigrant Irish Farming Implements & Practices'

  by Dr. Jonathan Bell & Mr. Mervyn Watson

  • 'The Donegal Fiddle'

  by Dr. Caoimhín Mac Aoidh

  • 'The Material Culture of Donegal and its Diaspora reflected in Migrant Letters'

  by Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald

The narrative accounts focus on selected historical migration patterns from Donegal to America, Canada, Scotland and England and the items that Donegal people took with them when they left.


Copies of the 'Material Culture of Donegal Communities Abroad' booklet are available free-of-charge from the County Donegal Heritage Office and from your local library.


Download Material Culture of Donegal Communities Abroad Booklet