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New County Donegal Heritage Plan - Have Your Say

The County Donegal Heritage Office, Donegal County Council and the County Donegal Heritage Forum in partnership with The Heritage Council have begun the process of preparing a new heritage plan for the county and would like to hear your views on what priorities or actions should be included in the new plan.  The County Donegal Heritage Plan is a strategic action plan for the county’s built, archaeological, natural and cultural heritage.  The focus of submissions to the County Donegal Heritage Plan should be on actions that can be taken over the next five years to identify, conserve, manage, promote and interpret County Donegal’s heritage.  The plan will direct heritage priorities, resources and funding for heritage in the county over the next five years.  Click here to download a summary of the Review of County Heritage Plan Implementation (2014-2022). 


You can make your submission by the deadline of 4 p.m. on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 by:


completing the on-line questionnaire: in English or in Irish




sending an e-mail to the County Donegal Heritage Office at:

[email protected]




writing to:

Heritage Plan Submission

County Donegal Heritage Office,

Donegal County Council,

Station Island,


County Donegal.


The new County Donegal Heritage Plan will include actions relating to our natural heritage (such as wildlife, habitats, flora, fauna and geology), our built heritage (such as historic buildings, landscapes, parks and gardens shaped by human design), our archaeology (such as monuments, ancient objects and shipwrecks) and our cultural inheritance (such as skills, folklore, traditions and archives). 


A draft of the new County Donegal Heritage Plan will be ready in spring and brought to the Elected Members of Donegal County Council for adoption by summer 2023.  The new County Donegal Heritage Plan will be published and launched in autumn 2023.