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County Donegal Heritage Plan

The National Heritage Plan requires local authorities to prepare and implement Local Heritage Plans. The National Heritage Plan recognises that the need for the protection of our heritage must begin at the local level. Central to achieving this goal is the preparation and adoption of the County Donegal Heritage Plan. Donegal County Council recognises the importance of “placing heritage at the heart of public life”, as advocated in the National Heritage Plan.  The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage has produced a new Heritage plan, Heritage Ireland 2030 - New National Heritage Plan.


The County Donegal Heritage Plan identifies a list of actions which will be taken to achieve its strategic aims and objectives. The County Donegal Heritage Plan has identified heritage issues and needs in the county and aims to address them locally, within a regional and national framework. The County Donegal Heritage Plan provides the basis for the identification, investigation, interpretation, promotion, preservation, conservation and enhancement of County Donegal's built, cultural and natural heritage, and sets out a strategy for the management of heritage resources and landscapes in a sustainable manner.  The County Donegal Heritage Plan addresses priorities set out in Cultúr Le Chéile - Strategic Plan for Culture Division 2022-2026, Donegal County Council and in Our Place in Time - Heritage Council Strategic Plan 2023-2028.


The new County Donegal Heritage Plan 2023-2030 will be published early in 2024.