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The Echoes of the Decade Peace  IV Project


The Echoes of the Decade is a joint Donegal County Archives and Donegal County Museum Project. It is funded by Peace IV and focuses on the Decade of Centenaries (1912-23) and the lasting legacy of these years in County Donegal. This cross-community project involves workshops with children and a young people, as well as an Oral History project. The Echoes of the Decade aims to promote understanding of different cultural traditions and narratives.


The children began their participation in February 2020 and took part in a history workshop and a tour of Donegal County Museum.  Due to the first Covid-19  Lockdown,  the project continued in the virtual world. To date, children have taken part in nine video-call workshops and a range of online activities. They have covered a wide variety of topics, including social history, research skills and the War of Independence and Partition. The children have engaged with the Donegal County Archives and  Donegal County Museum, in addition to a range of specialist facilitators.

In all, 240 children have been involved in the workshops.  These workshops are ongoing vitually and the Echoes of the Decade Peace IV Project will end in March 2021.








The move into a virtual space has allowed the project to reach out to the wider public audience and enabled us to deliver project material to a much larger audience than originally foreseen.

An oral history campaign was launched in April 2020, to encourage participants and the wider public to reach out to older friends and family members during the shutdown.

Regular history challenges were posted to the Echoes of the Decade Facebook Group page - see 


Children, history groups and members of the public were encouraged to get involved.

Activity and information sheets were developed and made available to participants and the wider public on the Donegal County Archives’ website.






The Oral History strand of the project took place  during the  Autumn and Winter 2020.

Oral Historian Regina Fitzpatrick,  interviewed 12 individuals around County Donegal

and these recordings have preserved an invaluable record

of the passed-down memories of Donegal during this period.

These recorded interviews are now in 

the Collection of Donegal County Archives.


The Echoes of the Decade project is due to be completed during March 2021.




  • Workshop videos are available on the Donegal County Council YouTube page: 



The Echoes  Of The Decade Project recieved €145,000 in funding. 

This project is supported through the European Union’s  PEACE IV Programme, which is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)


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