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Submitting a request for assistance with Essential Immediate Repairs


The request is made online by logging in with your existing email login and password. Click on the red section called “Essential Immediate Repairs”.


Provided you have submitted your Stage 1 application and have not yet received Stage 2 grant approval, you can proceed to:


  • Confirm your personal details. This is the information you have provided to us previously. Please check and make sure it is correct and that your tax clearance is up to date.
  • Answer questions on the relevant dwelling, ownership and occupancy as principal private residence
  • Give details of the chartered engineer, the date of the BCA inspection, the chartered engineer’s tax reference and tax clearance access number (tcan) and upload:
    • Building Condition Assessment (BCA) – original or supplementary specifying the essential immediate repairs to be carried out. The BCA must be in line with IS465 Section 5.
    • The Statement of Completion signed by your Chartered Engineer and Contractor (you must use Statement of Completion - Essential Immediate Repairs the template)
  • Give details of the contractor who carried out the work including tax reference and tax clearance access number (tcan) and enter the full amount for costs, inclusive of VAT, incurred in the carrying out of the essential immediate repairs as specified in the BCA and upload:
    • all related, itemised invoices corresponding to the costs being sought and
    • sufficient photographic evidence of works carried out and completed (minimum 2 photographs)


The statement of completion must describe the works as corresponding to those identified in the BCA, and be signed by both your chartered engineer and your contractor.

Invoices must be itemised and relate to the works as specified. 

If any documents are missing, the request will be reset to allow you to add them.


The maximum payable is 90% of approved costs subject to a maximum of €5,000. These costs form part of any subsequent grant approval alongside the engineer report fees from Stage 1.

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