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Defective Concrete Blocks Grant Scheme Example

The following example shows how the grant scheme will operate.

John Murphy lives in a house that he believes has been damaged by defective blocks (due to mica) used in the construction.

John engages a competent engineer (who is on the I.S. 465 Register) to prepare an engineer's report, at a cost of €5,000. The competent engineer has determined that the house has been damaged due to defective concrete blocks.

The competent engineer recommends that remedial option 4 represents the minimum feasible remedial works to remediate the dwelling.

Stage 1: Confirmation of Eligibility

John applies online for Stage 1: Confirmation of Eligibility, providing information and uploading the required documents to the local authority. He also seeks payment towards the engineer’s report.

The local authority decide that John is eligible to be considered for Stage 2: Grant Approval. The issue a letter of confirmation of eligibility together with instructions on how to apply online for Stage 2: Grant Approval.

The local authority makes arrangements for payment of 90% of the costs of the engineer’s report (i.e. €5,000 x 0.9 = €4,500).

Stage 2: Grant Approval


John engages a competent engineer (who is on the I.S. 465 register), to prepare a remedial works plan, provide professional oversight including inspections and certification of the works, at a cost of €3,500.

John approaches three contractors to get itemised quotes to carry out the work detailed in the remedial works plan. His chosen contractor has quoted a price of €45,000 to remediate the dwelling.

John applies online for Stage 2: Grant Approval, uploading the required documents. The estimated cost of remediation is €53,000 i.e. €5,000 (engineer's report) + €3,500 (remedial works plan, professional oversight including inspections and certification of the remedial works) + €45,000 (contractor's costs for carrying out the works).

The local authority reviews the application and is satisfied that it meets with the requirements of the scheme. The local authority determines that the reasonable cost for carrying out the qualifying works is €48,000 (costs reduced, for example, inclusion of non-standard finishes and materials).

This amount is below the maximum approved cost for Option 4 (€75,000)and is therefore sanctioned by the local authority and notified to the eligible applicant together with instructions on how to apply for Stage 3: Payment of Grant.

The amount of the approved cost in respect of which payment may be sought by John at Stage 3: Payment of Grant is €43,000 i.e. €48,000 - €5,000 (payment already claimed for engineer's report).

Stage 3: Payment of Grant

John engages the contractor to carry out the remedial works, and after completion and certification, applies online for Stage 3: Payment of Grant, to the local authority.

John submits the required invoices, which total €48,500 (contractor invoice of €45,000 and competent engineer invoice of €3,500). The Council review the application and is satisfied that all the costs are qualifying costs under the scheme. They approve the grant application and make a payment of the balance of the grant available i.e. €38,700.

In this case, the total cost of remediation was €53,500.  John received a grant payment of €43,200.


Engineer's report €5,000

Engineer Professional Services i.e. Remedial Works Plan, inspection and certification

Remedial Works €45,000
Total Cost of Remediation €53,500
Local authority grant €43,000



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