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Stage 1 – How do I apply for Confirmation of Eligibility?

Before you begin, please make sure you have:


  • Your PPS Number - this must be for you, the applicant (application cannot be made in joint names - only one owner applies)
  • Your Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN) - this must be for your PPS number
  • The Eircode for the relevant dwelling


and have the following ready for upload (individually and in pdf format):


a. Proof of payment of the Local Property Tax (Payment History)
b. Proof of Ownership
c. Consent of joint owner(s) if the relevant dwelling is jointly owned - this must be signed by the joint owner(s)

Two  proofs that the relevant dwelling is your Principal Private Residence (dated within the last 6 months and showing applicant name and address)

e. Your engineer's report which includes the IS465 Final Report and a recommended remedial option
f. Your engineer's Stage 1 declaration signed by the Engineer with total costs for preparation of the report
g. All itemised invoice(s) relating to fees for the preparation of the engineer's report - including sampling and coring, laboratory fees and the engineer's professional fee (as applicable). All invoices to have a valid VAT number.


If you have all the above, please click here to apply for Confirmation of Eligibility

Once your application has been submitted, the Council will check that the application is valid before it is assessed and a decision is made.



You can start your application and add information, saving it as you go along. Any documents you are asked for are needed to assess the application. You do not have to provide them in one go. You can log out and log back in to add them. You cannot submit the application for assessment until you have filled in all the details and uploaded all the individual documents.


You can search for and check the Eircode for your dwelling on


You can log in and out of your application to make changes and add or remove documents up until you click to submit your application. The Council will then start assessing it and will be in touch if there is a problem or more information is needed. It is better to have everything correct before submitting to avoid delays.



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