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Stage 1 - What else do I need before I apply?

In addition to the engineer’s report (IS465 Final Report and Recommended Remedial Option), you will need to have the following ready for uploading as individual documents:


a)     Proof that you are the registered owner of the relevant dwelling to which this application relates

i.e. Title deed or other legal document proving ownership of the property prior to 31/01/2020.

       Note: A title deed can be obtained from the Property Registration Authority of Ireland



b)     Consent of joint owner(s) if the dwelling is jointly owned  - this must be signed by any joint owner(s) - use Joint Owners Template


       c)     Proof that the dwelling is your principal private residence to include two of the following, each from a different category and showing the applicant's name, address and with a date of issue within the last 6 months:


    • Details on Register of Electors
    • Bank Statement 
    • A current car or home insurance policy (this must be the policy - not a renewal notice/letter)
    • A document issued by a government department
    • A Tax Credit Certificate (TCC)
    • A Statement of Liability (previously P21) from Revenue
    • A social insurance document


d)     Proof of payment of the Local Property Tax (this must include the Payment History - please note that an exemption under the damaged by use of defective concrete blocks criteria does not apply if you have not yet received Stage 1 - Confirmation of Eligibility)  

e)     Your Engineer's Stage 1 Declaration (signed by the Engineer) using Stage 1 Confirmation of Eligibility - Part B Engineers Declaration

        The total amount for preparation of the engineer's final report on this declaration must match the overall total from the invoices (f)


f)      All itemised invoice(s) relating to fees for the preparation of the engineer's final report

        To include costs for coring and sampling, laboratory testing and the engineer's professional fee. Invoices must show the VAT reference number.


You will also need to satisfy yourself that you and anyone you intend to engage under the scheme are tax compliant.



A Title deed can be obtained from the Property Registration Authority of Ireland (


Only one owner applies but you will be able to provide details of anyone who also owns the property along with proof that they consent to the application being made.


No, each dwelling must be applied for separately and meet the criteria under the scheme.


You can log in directly to if you have your PPSN, Property ID and PIN. Click on View Payment History and at the bottom of the screen, you can Print – choose something like Print to Microsoft PDF to create a pdf for uploading as part of the application. You can also access your LPT records via your myAccount if registered with


The Local Property Tax must be paid up to date. Contact Revenue ( or go to


You can contact Revenue ( for help with your tax affairs. If you have registered with Revenue, go to myAccount and Manage My Record. Follow the instructions for Tax Clearance and note the number (TCAN). This is the number you need to provide when applying along with your PPS Number.





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