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Stage 2 - What costs are covered by this scheme?

The scheme covers up to 90% of the approved cost or the actual cost, whichever is the lesser, associated with the remediation of the dwelling, (subject to maximum limits), including:


a)  Fees connected with the preparation of the Engineer's Report (IS465 Final Report and recommendation on remedial option) including coring & sampling together with laboratory testing costs that was submitted under Stage 1 - Confirmation of Eligibility
b)  Professional fees relating to the preparation of the Remedial Works Plan by a competent engineer submitted as part of the application for Stage 2 - Grant Approval
c)  Construction costs related to carrying out, supervision and certification of the works by a contractor
d)  Professional fees relating the oversight (inspection and certification of the works) by the competent engineer
e)  Professional fees relating to an appointment to a statutory health and safety role




No, any work you have already had done or which started before you got Grant Approval cannot be included in the application.


Only attached buildings are included, for example, an attached garage is included while a detached garage is not.


The reuse, recovery and recycling of materials is encouraged and therefore all building elements that can be salvaged and reused should be so. Under the terms of this scheme replacement windows/doors will not be considered as an approved cost. All remedial options assume removal and reinstatement of existing windows and external doors. The costs associated with unnecessary replacement of windows, doors and kitchen units do not apply for grant assistance under the scheme.


Replacement of cavity wall insulation will be included as an allowable cost. For clarity, the insulation may be replaced but only a like for like replacement will be an allowable cost. Any improvement on the existing insulation (assuming minimum requirements of the building regulations are met) will not be considered an allowable cost. Where full fill cavity wall insulation is being considered, the Engineer should risk assess the suitability of the application, in the context of the remedial option recommended.


It is your responsibility to pay for the works and fees. The Council will pay the grant directly to you, through your nominated bank account. In your Confirmation of Grant Approval letter, we will tell you how much of a grant you can get and in how many payments. 


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